Whether playing online with others via webcam or at a table in your local land-based casino, you need to know when the people you are playing casino games with are cheating.

Here at Casino Table Hire, we have seen our fair share of table games unfold, being incredibly well clued up when it comes to spotting a cheat.

So, if you are hiring a casino table from us and what to ensure a great night of game success, read our below tips, detailing how to sniff out a casino cheat.


If your fellow players are fidgeting in their chair a lot and generally looking uncomfortable like they have something to hide then they usually are. This is why if they look shifty, call them out on it. It is always worth looking at body language in general to decide whether or not a player is cheating or bluffing. So, look out for sweating, fake coughs and other irregular body movements.

They are overly confident

If a player is overly confident then that could mean that they have a poor hand or position, trying to overcompensate for something. So, look out for the cocky blaggers; they will stand out a mile! Remember, when a player is trying to bluff, they will naturally try to appear intimidating.

It’s all in the shoulders

Studies show that when a casino player is attempting to cheat or bluff, their body changes.

Keeping a secret like a good hand is stressful. And, stress can be seen in the shoulders. If you notice your fellow player’s shoulders beginning to tense up, is could be a sign that he/she is concealing the truth.

Casino table hire

If you are planning a casino night of any type, then you will need a top of the range casino table to ensure your night runs smoothly. This is why we offer a vast range of rental casino tables, ranging from roulette and poker to blackjack options.

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