Have you been put in charge of planning this year’s annual works do? If so, you may start to be wondering what you got yourself into. Though knowing that good food and drink is a must, you may be stuck on how to inject a bit of fun into what are traditionally stuffy, boring get-togethers.

Below are a few suggestions you may want to take notice of.

The venue

It goes without saying that the venue you choose to host your event in will have an impact on the tone of the night. If it is fun you are after, why not look at more upbeat venues like bars and clubs rather than restaurants and halls.

Seeing everyone arrive in a good, relaxed mood, spending time looking for the perfect venue is advisable.

Bespoke cocktails

Whatever event we attend, we always remember the bar. This is why you should consider serving bespoke cocktails at your corporate do, seeing everyone let loose and enjoy themselves.


Music is a great way to enhance the tone of your corporate do, with different genres having different impacts on guests. If you want a fun, lively event, then hiring a DJ to play classic pop and RnB will do the trick. But, if it is sophistication and classiness you are looking to achieve, classical music or even a professional singer could be your answer.


What’s the point in investing in great music if there is nowhere for your guests to dance? For this reason, many are deciding to hire dancefloors for their corporate dos, providing a space for colleagues and affiliates to ‘throw some shapes’.

mobile casino table

Last, but by no means least, we have casino table hire; a service that is heavily utilised by the UK’s corporate community. Successful in impressing guests and providing an alternative to just sitting around chatting, playing roulette, poker and the likes adds another, fun dimension to events.

If you would like to learn more about hiring a casino table for your upcoming do, then we would love to help. Contact our sales team today and allow us to talk you through the many options at hand.

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