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Surrey Fun Casino

Casinos have been aroud for years and years and thousands of people every year will go to chance their  hand at winning some big money! However, some peoplein Surrey do not go to the casino for a few reasons including that they seem too far away or they do not want to lose all of their hard earned cash.

But Mobile Casino Hire can offer a rage of fun casino services which use fun money so it doesn’t matter if you lose it all in one hand, you still have all of your real money sitting cosy in the bank! This also takes the pressure off so you and your guests can sit back in the home or venue and just have a great time and a great laugh. Our range of tables ensure that whatever your taste in casino game – we are sure to have it covered for you. We cater for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, marquee events, exhibitions and more.

Essex Fun Casino

Essex is known for its great nightlife and parties shown through various TV programs and documentaries. However, many people in Essex would much prefer to keep out of the spotlight and have a more low key event. Just because you would like an event that is not broadcast over the television does not mean hat it can not have some great additions to it!

That is why Mobile Casino Hire offer our casino table hire to areas throughout Essex with our poker tablls for hire, roulette tables for hire, blackjack tables for hire, scaletrix tracks for hire and dice games for hire – all with a professional dealer and can be supplied with a photographer and backdrop. We supply  everywhere in Essex including Brentwood, Harlow, Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree, Witham, Grays, Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea and many, many more!

Mobile Casino Hire Essex

If your stag night in Essex is fast approaching and you’re worried about the prospect of combining condiments and exotic dancers, then don’t worry because you do have other options which are just as much fun and a lot less messy!

Mobile casino hire in Essex is the perfect alternative to the traditional stag night celebration which inevitably ends up at a strip club. Instead, when you organise for mobile casino hire for your stag night party  or you have your best man take care of the details  you and your mates can still get together, and an Essex function venue or at a friend’s house, have a few drinks, make jokes, play poker or roulette and have a great night to mark the beginning of a new stage in your life.

While you and your friends have probably held poker nights in Essex before, when you hire a complete mobile casino, you are getting much more than just a few games of cards. Mobile casino hire includes dealers, chips and all of the green felt you need to feel like you really are one of the opulent visitors to the high rollers room. Instead there are no scrutinising glances, no drink minimums and no gold card requirements when you hire a mobile casino for your stag night in Essex.

The night is just about you getting together with all of your friends to officially farewell your single life, and set a precedent for many more boys nights to come. The best part about mobile casino hire in Essex is, that unlike when you play, bet and lose at a regular casino, these losses don’t go back to us, they go back to you, meaning you can put your losses and those of your mates towards paying for your wedding, or even your honeymoon, and the boys will really feel like they’ve given you a stag night to remember.

For more information about hiring a poker or roulette table for your stag night in Essex, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Roulette Table Hire Essex

Essex is known for its massive television program about a section of life there. The show really shows that some of the events that take place in Essex are truly large scale and very lavish! However, Mobile Casino Hire understand that not all life in Essex are as big or as lavish  we understand that event the  smaller events such as house parties, birthdays and family gatherings want to be memorable for everybody involved. Event organisers ponder on different ways to make their event stand out from the crowd and memorable for all of their clients/guests. Mobile Casino Hire believes we have the best way to make you unique!

Our roulette tables for hire throughout Essex can  fit perfectly in any venue with their portable nature and can be set up in virtually any environment. If you are having a BBQ in the summer with both friends and family sit back, relax, enjoy a few beers and do not worry about a thing as Mobile Casino Hire will deliver your table, set it up and later collect it. We will send our professional roulette dealer who will run your game with a kind a friendly personality which gives off a great atmosphere for all those involved.

Roulette is a game in which everyone can get involved at once with our large tables and has proven in the past to be a great bonding session for all involved. It is a game which many of us would rarely get the chance to play and to be able to have that feel of a casino in your own house is something that is quite magical. It allows everyone to come together as they compete to win the most fun money! And don’t think that because you are not in a casino, it will not be as good as the real thing as you will be surrounded by your friends, having a few drinks with your favourite music laying in the background.

So for a night you will not forget in Harlow, Brentwood, Grays, Basildon, Southend-on-Sea, Chelmsford, Colchester, Witham, Braintree, Clacton-on-Sea, Harwich and more  please feel free to contact our sales team.

Fun Casino Hire Essex

Essex is a large area with lots of people, corporations and groups who may be looking to hold a fun-filled event for guests. The reasoning for this event can vary from person to person, but one thing that will remain constant is that we at Mobile Casino Hire are the perfect choice for providing the entertainment. Our mobile fun casinos can fit smoothly into practically any event and venue, meaning that we can offer you the flexibility of choosing your own location for the event, as well as any other additions that you may want added to the event. This is great for ensuring that we don’t step on your toes, as you can decide for yourself where and when you want us to provide our services.

Along with our brilliant casino games, we can also provide you with our expert croupiers, who can professionally and skilfully deal at the many games we have available. This list of games is great for ensuring that you and your guests have a great deal of choice when deciding what to use at the Essex event, and includes games such as: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, wheel of fortune and our large-scale Scalextric track. Clients in the past have loved using these extremely fun additions to their event, and we hope you’ll find room for a little extra fun at yours!

Our mobile fun casinos are a great way to ensure that your guests have an amazing time without having to pay a penny for themselves  what better kind of fun is there? This can ensure they are kept happy  which is not only a bonus for personal Essex events, but can also be a great way to gain potential customers as a corporation. Either way, keeping people happy is usually a benefit in any time and place, and is one aspect of your event that we can help you with to a great a degree.

The provisioning of our mobile casinos in Essex includes areas such as Colchester, Braintree, Chelmsford, Basildon, Southend-on-Sea and virtually any other area within Essex. So if you’re looking at the possibility of hiring one of our mobile casinos for your event in these or other areas, please feel free to contact us.

Essex Casino Rental

Our Essex Casino Rental services here at Mobile Casino Hire are first class and designed to create a realistic casino feel. All rented tables are available in blue, green, or red felt decals allowing for a greater level of customisation for your event. Every table hired will come with its own trained professional croupier, and with games like blackjack, poker, wheel of fortune, craps, and roulette we have a number of games available for you to enjoy.

In recent years with the advent of televised professional gambling events like the world series of poker lots of small groups of people, usually friends, are popping up all over the place that would rather arrange a small private game rather than going to a professional establishment. These individuals are who we aim to cater to with our Essex Casino Rental services by allowing them to experience the quality and professionalism of a casino in a place of your choosing. We will provide all the chips and take care of the installation and setup allowing you to rest easy knowing everything’s taken care of as our services will transform your ordinary event to an extraordinary one.

All of our Essex casino rental services are ideal for corporate events, launch parties, private parties or just for when you fancy a professional feel to a private game. All games are not conducted using real currency and are for fun only, equally our croupiers are not permitted to handle any money or facilitate financial gambling. We believe financial reward doesn’t make the game enjoyable it’s the experiences you share with those playing alongside you.

Here at Mobile Casino Hire our Essex Casino rental services are unrivalled in quality and professionalism.

So if you have any questions or queries regarding Essex Casino Rental Please contacts us at Mobile Casino Hire and we will do everything in our powers to help.

Fun Hens Night Casino Hire London

You’ve probably been to the casino with your partner and his mates and watched while he carefully distributed chips on the sacred green velvet or knowingly asked for another card for his poker hand. Well even if you’ve been too intimidated by the other punters and the bright lights of the casino to have a bet yourself, don’t worry because knowing how the different casino games are played is not a skill you have to be born with, nor is it one which is restricted to the male species.

In fact, you can have a lot of fun on your hen’s night by organising to hire casino tables in London for you and the girls to have a go yourselves. Rather than heading into the London casino with your girl friends on your hen’s night to lose all of your money because you don’t understand all of the rules of the games, hire casino tables which can be set up in your home, and be just another fun element of a great hen’s night party.

If you don’t understand all of the intricacies of the games you see played at the casino, you are missing out on the fun which can come from these games of chance. While there is skill involved in knowing when, where and how to bet and play the game, a lot of the time the luck of the winning players can be attributed to chance and when your number rolls up on the roulette table, or when your hand wins at the poker table, you will be filled with adrenaline and exhilaration and want to do it all again.

This makes a casino party perfect for your hen’s night celebrations in London because you and your girlfriends can all learn the casino games which fascinate your partners and have a lot of fun at the same time.

For more information about hiring casino tables for your hen’s night celebrations in London, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

London’s Private Casino Hire

There are few things as exciting as walking into the London casino and passing under the glittering lights, enjoying the sounds of money being won and lost, and soaking up the smells which come with the possibility of winning big this time. We’ve all heard the stories about people who have walked into the casino and put all their money on black and walked out again with the down payment for a new house.

While these stories may be urban legends, it is still fun to fantasise that this could be you and the atmosphere of the casino fuels that fantasy. That is until you make your way to the roulette or the poker tables where your betting skills excel and find there is already a full house of people betting, and they’re in your way.

When you do get a chance to play at the tables one bad bet or a bit of bad luck can have your night (and your wallet) in the gutter very quickly, not to mention how tired your feet get while holding tight to your place at the table, and the fact that you’ll lose your place if you have to use the bathroom or get a drink.

However, when you think about it, much of the excitement of the casino atmosphere can be recreated at your place and regardless of where you live in London, you can have a night at the casino in your own home. You and your friends will still get dressed up and line your pockets with 100 notes as you make your way to the casino tables you have hired at your place. You can dim the lights, create the atmosphere and put on your choice of music as you enjoy having your own private casino in your home.

There is no jostling, to waiting for a place at the table and that means you have all of that extra time to perfect your game so that maybe you can be one of those lucky people in the urban legends.

For more information about hiring casino tables in London for a private betting experience, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Poker Table Hire London

Poker is a game which any one of almost any age or skill level can enjoy  provided they are not playing with too many other people of a higher skill level than themselves! However, in London there are few opportunities to play poker with your mates or a group of friends and family, without risking losing your hard earned cash to another stranger who happens to be playing the same table, or worse still to the house.

Therefore, instead of risking your money and poker skills in a casino environment where you get the feeling the dealer knows all of your tells already and is purposely dealing you a bad hand, why not hire a poker table in London and play at your own pace, with your own mates.

Now we don’t mean organising a poker night to rotate around your mates places when their wives happen to be out, here we are talking about a poker night with a professional look and feel usually reserved for the London casinos, but instead is built right into your home. In hiring a poker table in London, you are also hiring everything which that involves, including all the cards, chips and professional rulings, not to mention a professional dealer too.

Hiring a poker table when it is your turn to host poker night will put your mates store bought poker games to shame. We can make sure our dealer and poker table arrive at your place in plenty of time to set up and once that is done, it will be as though your home has transformed into a private casino, and the poker table has always been right there in your living room.

Plus, you are not playing against us, or the dealer, you are only losing your money, but hopefully winning a bit back, to and from your mates so regardless of where you live in London, organise to hire a poker table from Mobile Casino Hire now.

Fun Casino London

If you have lived and worked in London for many years and are now facing retirement, you may be looking for a fun way to celebrate the transition, without stereotyping yourself right away into the old category.

So instead of going out for afternoon tea to a London cafe with your friends and former workmates, and as an alternative to the tried and tested (and somewhat worn out) house party, why not throw a fun casino party in London to celebrate your retirement instead. Everyone knows how to play roulette or poker, and even if they don’t a casino party at your London home is a great place to learn, and there’s certainly less pressure than if you were at the real London Casino.

Plus, something else everyone understands is competitiveness and a game of poker or roulette is something which everyone can get involved in and swept away by; because even though you are retiring, you probably don’t feel like you are that old, and are a strong believer in the theory that you’re only as old as you feel. Therefore, planning a fun casino party in London to celebrate your retirement allows you to get this next stage of your life off to a start which you are happy with.

Instead of starting out your retirement and deciding that it means you now have to act your age, you can keep having fun, and the best part is you now have so much more time in which to have fun. Plus, even if you and your friends know how to play roulette and poker, it doesn’t mean you’ll win every round or hand. But the best part is that the money you bet and lose doesn’t go to the house it comes back to you if you like, meaning you can put it towards your retirement travel plans, moving house, or another casino party!

For more information about throwing a fun casino party in London, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

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