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Blackjack Table Hire

Blackjack is a fine game, anybody can play it and win money, but anybody can also play it and lose money. Going to a casino is thrilling, you can have fun by gambling at a Blackjack table, always getting higher cards than other players, and not going over 21. Although the fun can be abruptly halted when your luck turns for the worse. But don’t worry, there is an excellent alternative, you can have the casino come to you, and you can accomplish this with our help and receive Blackjack Table Hire, a fun, non-gambling, professional set up.

Mobile Casino Hire have great Blackjack tables that are perfect for you to hire. You are able to hire the Blackjack table for your personal use at home, where you are able to invite some friends and share the experience of a personal Blackjack Table Hire. If your luck does change, you won’t lose any money as it is a fun casino, which means that no exchange of money will occur during the placing of bets. Each casino table that is provided for you will be accompanied by an exceptional and friendly croupier. Our croupiers will be able to manage the table and assist in making your night an enjoyable one.

The sophisticated game of Blackjack dates back to the French casinos in the early 1700’s, where it was given the name vingt-et-un, meaning twenty-one. It is a well-known fact that Emperor Napoleon had a great obsession with the game and many considered it to be his favourite. The name Blackjack was introduced to the casino game when it first arrived in America during the 1920’s, and the rules of Blackjack were changed to what we know today.

 The Blackjack Table Hire is also perfect for any other type of event, either one with a theme or just a part of the party where guests can get to know each other better. Blackjack table hire is a great addition to birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, weddings, bachelorette parties and any other type of celebration.

For more information and questions about Blackjack Table Hire, please contact Mobile Casino Hire.

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