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Mobile Bar & Casino Hire

So you’ve booked or are in the process of booking our Mobile Casino Hire for your event, but still need to sort out all of the drinks.

That’s where we can introduce you to Mobile Bar Hire – the UK’s largest mobile bar provider. They are able to provide cash bars, free bars and dry hire for all types of events across the UK. Whether you’re looking for a fully-stocked cash bar for 500 people or a smoothie bar for 15 people, they are able to cater to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal drinks package, bar staff hire, equipment hire or even just the bar counter, they have everything you need to impress your guests and really achieve that wow-factor.

Whether you’re having a James Bond themed night, birthday party, charity night, product launch or a Christmas get-together, we can also provide personalised fake money for all of your guests to play with on the night.

Allow your guests to enjoy a game or two of Roulette before walking up to your fully-stocked bar and getting their favourite drink prior to a few games of Blackjack or Poker.

Mobile Casino Hire and Mobile Bar Hire go hand-in-hand; both your entertainment and drinks for the night sorted! Let us take the stress out of your event.

For more information on bar hire or for a quote, go to Mobile Bar Hire.

18th Birthday Poker Table Hire

Turning 18 is a big deal, regardless of how you look at it, there is no doubt that your 18th birthday should be celebrated with a big, special, memorable party, but with all of this pres sure to organise such a brilliant party where do you even start?

Being 18 you probably don’t have a favourite pub or club in your repertoire yet since your clubbing experience is limited to, well, zero. As such you don’t want to risk planning your stellar 18th birthday party at a club which was recommended to you by a friend, or of which you read a review, since it may not appeal to your tastes, or what you are trying to achieve with your party.

Therefore, your parents may have offered to throw you an 18th birthday party at home and while this is a very generous gesture, a parent organised party is at risk of being less than your idea of fun and more their idea of a 1970s music revival. So to save your spiralling 18th birthday party from the pits of boredom, suggest to your parents that they include poker table hire in their party planning.

Yes, you are actually able to hire the same casino games and tables which are in the real casinos in town, and have them delivered right to your door for your own private party. This means you can play casino poker with your friends and there is no time wasted jostling for a place at the table, or waiting for the dealer’s time wasting tactics to get you to be more of your hard earned money.

Plus, since you have about zero experience with pubs and clubs, you probably have even less experience with what to do at a poker table, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to join in the excitement and the exhilaration of the gambling experience. Therefore, at your 18th birthday party you can have the chance to learn the ropes in your own home, but on the real tables, and not feel pressured or ignorant because you don’t know all of the rules yet.

For more information about hiring poker tables for your 18th birthday party, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

21st Birthday Roulette Table Hire

You may not be quite sure why your 21st birthday is such a big deal, but everyone is telling you that it is. After all, you could legally drive at 17, legally drink at 18 so at 21 you�re already free to do whatever you want, legally of course.

However your 21st birthday is seen as the true transition into adulthood and when most people look back they realise that it actually was the end of an important stage of their lives, and the beginning of an even more important one. Approaching 21 you have probably finished school, maybe even finished university and have secured a proper, well paid job which doesn’t require you to wear a hair net and a headset. You’re probably also looking at moving out of home and you may even be lucky enough to be in a long term grown up relationship.

So at 21 you are enjoying a lot of the good parts of being an adult, with few of the responsibilities and when you look back at this time of your life in the next five, ten or even twenty years, you will realise that that really is something to celebrate. So don’t let your 21st birthday pass without a party to rival the revelry of your 18th, instead organise for a casino party at your place.

That’s right, you can organise to hire your own private roulette tables for your 21st birthday celebrations and we will organise the staff, the licenses and the set up so that all you have to do is pick a lucky number. Even though you’re now 21, your casino experience may be limited. Well instead of laying your money on the green velvet to find you’ve bet the wrong amount or you can’t bet after the bell, perfect your roulette technique at home with your mates on your 21st birthday.

Hiring roulette tables for your 21st allows you to get the hang of the game and learn the best ways to get the most out of your bets, not to mention try to come up with your own theory about how the ball will fall.

So for more information about hiring a roulette table to help you celebrate your 21st birthday, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Poker Table General Rules

Poker tables are great entertainment, particularly when you’re winning. The rules for this fun casino hire card game, are simple – the highest hand wins, best of five hands wins the game. With a range of combinations available this style of poker is extremely popular. Fun poker or mobile casino hire is a totally fun way of fundraising for any event. If you’re not raising money for charity then you could always use it to pay for the tables. A very effective way of selling more fun money to people at the event, is by actually having a member of your team, or our casino team, going around asking people if they require more fun chips.

Our research has shown that if you wait for people to ask you to buy more money, then your takings shall be less, this is mainly because people are generally reluctant to ask. Bearing in mind your intention is to maximize takings, even one extra sales person can help. The chips are all different colours to show the different values and some games or casino tables can have prizes of their own, already set by the hosts.

As part of our service we are also available to offer you the option of personalised fun casino money and a casino winner’s trophy. These are on top of any ideas you may have of your own. We are here to listen to you and offer our professionalism and advice where necessary.

Fun Casino Games

So you don’t think casino games are that much fun then? Well where have you played them  in a casino? Exactly, there’s your problem. How can you expect to get any fun out of playing casino games when you are risking your hard earned cash against a bunch of strangers in flashy and distracting surroundings and you only have enough money for two bets anyway?

No, you need to experience casino games in an atmosphere which really makes them fun and that fun atmosphere is one of your choosing. This could be your home or a mate’s place, it could be a function venue you have chosen in your area or it could be your office as part of a corporate function, but the most important ingredient to ensure you have fun playing our casino games is that you are comfortable.

The second most important ingredient is that you’re not scared to lose. When you lose in a traditional casino, it’s no fun at all  the money is gone and its not coming back. When you play our casino games with your friends or work mates, on your terms, you are losing to people you know, and to people you have a chance of winning your money back from.

So what sorts of fun casino games do we have for you in your area? Well at Mobile Casino Hire we hire out casino tables to all areas of the UK, and we offer roulette and poker tables for your parties, corporate functions, fundraising events or exhibitions. Plus, when you hire our casino tables you can choose the games you play as there are any number of variations on the traditional poker game, and several different ways to play roulette  it’s all up to you and that’s the part which is the most fun.

So for more information about how you can enjoy the true fun of playing your favourite casino games, contact Mobile Casino Hire now

Fun Casinos

Casinos are a lot of fun, but don’t you always feel you’d be having more fun if you were in the high rollers room. Doesn’t it just seem more fun to play with, bet and lose money you can afford to lose, rather than money you were really hoping you could double, or triple, to help you pay off the mortgage?

Well at Mobile Casino Hire we have the perfect solution because we can offer you all of the fun and excitement of the casino scene, with all the anticipation and enjoyment of winning a big hand of poker, without the crushing disappointment of losing this month’s spending money in one foul swoop. Our solution is to hire a casino which you and your friends can enjoy, without the risk of losing more than you can afford to lose.

When you hire one of our casino tables just for fun at your place, or as part of an event you are planning, you have the chance to hone your betting skills, practice keeping your tells in check and take advantage of all of the fun parts of the casino and none of the bad. You don’t have to worry about losing your savings, but when you hire a private casino table just for fun, you also don’t have to worry about being well dressed enough to be admitted, and you don’t have to deal with being elbowed in the ribs by anxious gamblers, desperate to get their chip on their lucky felt number.

Instead you are in your own environment, surrounded by only the people you want to bet with, and even if you do lose, you can still enjoy the fun of our casinos because your loses don’t go to The House, we’ve already been paid for the hire of the tables.

So for more information about organising for fun casino games at your place with your mates, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Fundraising Casino Hire

One of the hardest parts of raising funds for any cause is planning and throwing a fundraising event which you are sure people will want to attend. There is often no doubt about the support your charity, church or school has, but when it comes to asking people to take time out of their busy lives to help with fundraising activities you can often be met with a deafening silence.

That is why we are here to help you plan a fundraising event people will be begging to come along to, and all you need to do is organise for casino hire. You may not want to promote gambling to raise money for your church, but you are not encouraging people to be their homes of their life savings, only to creatively donate the money they would normally give to your fundraising cause.

You can choose any theme, any time and any casino hire package you like for your fundraising event, the choices are up to you, just tell us your ideas and we’ll make them happen. Maybe you will sell tickets to your casino night fundraiser, with the door sales going towards your cause, and people choosing to bet as much or as little as they like, because they can still get into the atmosphere of the event  and probably caught up in it too  as they enjoy getting dressed up and joining the fun of the casino games.

Because your guests are betting with the money they are already willing to donate to your fundraising event, enjoying the casino games holds a lot more interest for people because unlike when they are in a normal casino environment and are there to win, when your guests play the casino games at your fundraising event they are there to have fun.

So for more information about holding a fundraising event using casino hire to draw the crowds and the contributions, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Hospitality Events With Casino Hire

If you are a part of the hospitality industry, your work is all about serving other people, meeting their needs and making sure they are comfortable, happy, well fed and have a full glass of wine. However, while you (hopefully) love your job and your work, everyone needs a break once in a while to be spoilt, so why not organise an event for the team at your hospitality company where they can be looked after for a change?

There are a lot of events you could choose for your hospitality team, but if you were to go to a cocktail bar you’d all be critiquing the service and if you went out to dinner you’d all be checking the place settings. Therefore, why not treat your hospitality team to a mobile casino event.

That’s right, you can hire casino tables anywhere in the UK for your hospitality event and your whole team will be new to the rules and expectations of the poker dealers and the roulette spinners, plus they’ll be too busy competing for their winnings to notice which side their cocktail waiter delivered their drink to. Casino hire is of course fun for anyone working in any industry and is a great way to treat your team to a great night out.

You can hire casino tables to be set up at a local function venue where you have hired out a room for the night, or if you have a smaller, close team in your hospitality company, you can organise for casino hire at your place. Our casino tables can be set up anywhere in the UK, at any time of the day or night and are sure to be the perfect entertainment for your hospitality event.

For more information about casino hire for your hospitality team’s event, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

Party Hire Casino

You love to have parties and throw parties because getting your friends and family together and seeing them have a good time makes for the perfect celebration. However, what about your celebration and your good time?

While there are parties for which you may want to control every tiny detail, why not take the opportunity to delegate the party planning to us once in a while. At Mobile Casino Hire we can take care of everything you need to ensure a great celebration and all you have to do is decide what to wear.

You can start your party hire experience at any stage you like as we will organise the food, drinks, entertainment and decorations, you just tell us the look you want to go for. You may start by hiring several casino tables for your party and this can take your theme in several directions. You may then choose to go with a James Bond theme and if this is the case we can add our unique James Bond ice sculpture to your party hire package.

Or maybe you’re planning a hen’s night party and the casino tables are hired more as entertainment and less for atmosphere so you may then want to add a shimmering silver cocktail bar  complete with bar tenders who can put on a show as they mix your drinks  and perhaps an ice sculpture in the shape of a love heart? Or in the bride and groom’s initials? You could always save that for the wedding though.

As well as your drinks we can also take care of your catering needs and provide canap’s for your cocktail party or party pies for your family Christmas party. But whatever your party needs in the UK may be, contact Mobile Casino Hire now and we can bring them to life with ease.

Themed Casino Nights

It’s always fun to dress up and play at a life which you aspire to or just fantasise about, and any excuse will do. So why not plan a theme party at your place to celebrate an upcoming birthday in the family, enjoy the weather as it slowly warms up finally, or just throw a themed party to get all of your friends and family together so everyone can let their hair down.

So, now you have to choose a theme and is there a more universally popular or recognised party theme than James Bond? Now to make sure your James Bond themed party really goes off with a bang, why not add a casino table to two too? A themed casino night at your place will give you and your guests a chance to get dressed up as your favourite Bond character, or even as the man himself, and getting out your tux or pilling on your bling is sure to get you into character.

Your James Bond themed casino night can have all the trimmings when you work with us because we can make sure that our poker dealers and roulette spinners operating the tables get into the theme, dressed to perfection as the consummate casino employees they are, and of course making sure you are called only your character’s name! At Mobile Casino Hire we can also organise for one of our famous ice sculptures to be part of your James Bond themed casino night, as we have an instantly recognisable Bond sculpture, or you can choose an ice sculpture which reflects the party’s purpose  a sculptured 21st or an icy heart shape for an anniversary or wedding party.

For more information about planning and executing the perfect themed casino party in any theme you choose, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.

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