In addition to Eltham Palace this south London suburb is home to many venues which are suitable for events of all sizes. These venues include; Eltham College, Eltham community centres, Charlton House, and stunning backdrop marquee locations, within the area. Being on the south of the river, Eltham is considered to be a very popular location for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events, and we are extremely pleased to offer our fun casino services to many events in Eltham.

Mobile Casino Hire is a unique way to ensure that your guests come together and have some fun. It gives them an adrenaline rush and a sense of thrill that no other form of entertainment will be able to provide. This form of entertainment is a guaranteed winner when it comes to keeping guests satisfied.

So why not let us add that something different? Why not hire one of our Mobile Casinos? We can add that little bit of class to ensure that your party will be etched in the minds of everyone who attends. We here at Mobile Casino Hire can offer you a variety of different services ranging from Scalextric Track Hire, to hiring a Poker, Roulette and Blackjack tables. Our favourite within our customers tend to be our Poker Tables. Poker is a game which has been around for many years which requires an incredible amount of deception, and the ability to be able to trick your opponents. There a few different variations of how to play poker with the most common variation being Texas Hold Em. As well as poker you can also play blackjack on these tables. Just like poker there are a number of different variations on this game. The most common variation used in casinos tends to be when you need to try and make your cards add up to a total of 21.

We don’t just provide you with the table; we also provide a Croupier as well as the setting up, and the breakdown of the table a standard playing time of up to 3 hours. With our full-sized tables you can have your choice out of 3 different colours (Green, Blue and Red). ALL of our tables are maintained at a high standard and are all, clean smart, and always guaranteed good fun. The maximum capacity we can fit on one of our tables is 7 players at a time plus the croupier.

If you do require more information about Fun Casino Hire in Eltham then please do not hesitate to contact us at Mobile Casino Hire.

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