Fun Casino Hire Rochester offers amazing casino services; they are perfect for any event such as corporate events for product launches or office parties. But our casino service is also perfectly suitable for celebration events such as birthdays, wedding receptions, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties. The casino tables that we offer are Poker tables, Roulette tables and Blackjack tables.

The casino game of Roulette has been dated back to the late 1700’s in France. It later branched out during the early 1800’s and became popular in America and Europe with the rules that we know today. Roulette is played by participants first placing down bets on the table where the available numbers and colours have been laid out, the result is given after the dealer rotates the roulette wheel in one way and plays the roulette ball in the opposite direction. Fun Casino Hire Rochester is able to hire out Roulette tables that are in impeccable condition.

The rules of Poker that is used for the Fun Casino Hire Rochester tables is that of Texas Holdem. The game of Poker was first recorded to have been played in New Orleans, Louisiana in America during the year of 1829. It later spread throughout the western part of the US during the gold rush. Tournaments of Poker started in 1970, and later became popular in Casinos around the world. The rules of Texas Holdem is the most known and popular rule set of Poker, and it is mostly used in professional tournaments.

The first form of Blackjack was called twenty-one, its origin is mostly unknown, but when it first branched out to American Casinos the gambling houses offered bonus pay-outs to stimulate the attendance of Blackjack tables. It was a great strategy and soon after the bonuses were not needed as the game had become very popular. The Blackjack table is one of the most popular tables that Fun Casino Hire Rochester offers for rental.

Casino tables will always need someone to manage it so that everything goes smoothly. That is why croupiers exist. A croupier is somebody who manages the table and upholds the rules of the game, they are also tasked with the responsibility of handling the bets, pay outs, and the casino table equipment such as cards and the Roulette ball. Fun Casino Hire Rochester has excellent croupiers who are very friendly and professional. They are able to assist you with the casino tables and help make your event and night enjoyable as also memorable.

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