If you have lived and worked in London for many years and are now facing retirement, you may be looking for a fun way to celebrate the transition, without stereotyping yourself right away into the old category.

So instead of going out for afternoon tea to a London cafe with your friends and former workmates, and as an alternative to the tried and tested (and somewhat worn out) house party, why not throw a fun casino party in London to celebrate your retirement instead. Everyone knows how to play roulette or poker, and even if they don’t a casino party at your London home is a great place to learn, and there’s certainly less pressure than if you were at the real London Casino.

Plus, something else everyone understands is competitiveness and a game of poker or roulette is something which everyone can get involved in and swept away by; because even though you are retiring, you probably don’t feel like you are that old, and are a strong believer in the theory that you’re only as old as you feel. Therefore, planning a fun casino party in London to celebrate your retirement allows you to get this next stage of your life off to a start which you are happy with.

Instead of starting out your retirement and deciding that it means you now have to act your age, you can keep having fun, and the best part is you now have so much more time in which to have fun. Plus, even if you and your friends know how to play roulette and poker, it doesn’t mean you’ll win every round or hand. But the best part is that the money you bet and lose doesn’t go to the house it comes back to you if you like, meaning you can put it towards your retirement travel plans, moving house, or another casino party!

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