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Fun casino news

Fun Casino Hire News

Mobile Casino Hire is pleased to offer our clients advice, news and tips on the hiring of fun casino tables throughout the UK. Below you will find some information which you may find useful when planning your fun casino hire event.

3 Tips for Running a Casino-Themed Party

Dive into the glitz and glam of Las Vegas by hosting your very own casino-themed party. From poker games and rolling the dice to blackjack confetti and fun inflatables,...

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Event Planning Trends

Here at Mobile Casino Hire, we help our customers plan unforgettable events. We do this by offering them the chance to impress guests with our series of products. As...

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5 Ways to Inject Fun into your Corporate Event

Have you been put in charge of planning this year’s annual works do? If so, you may start to be wondering what you got yourself into. Though knowing that...

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Mobile Casinos for Graduation Parties

While still only just into 2019, if you’re a student, you will no doubt be focused on the summer; the time where all the exams are over and you...

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Physical Vs Online Casino

As you know, here at Mobile Casino Hire, we offer casino table rental across the UK, helping people plan amazing wedding receptions, corporate dos, stag parties and much more....

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Corporate Do Planning: Why Hire a Casino Table?

Have you been placed in charge of arranging a corporate do? If so, you may start to feel the pressure, knowing that you need to impress your boss, colleagues...

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Casino Table Hire for Stag Parties

If you have been placed in charge of arranging the stag party to top all stag parties, then you will no doubt feel the pressure to deliver, wanting to...

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Casino Table Hire: A Top Hospitality Trend for 2019

With 2019 now in full swing, many event planners will be embracing and setting new trends, wanting to ensure the parties they throw are modern, fun and picture-perfect. While...

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Why Hire a Roulette Table for your House Party?

From the price of beer rising regularly to most pubs turning into food establishments, there are many reasons people are relaxing and celebrating key events in their homes rather...

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Top Events to Hire a Casino Table For

There is simply nothing more thrilling than visiting a casino, with games such as blackjack and roulette renowned for their adrenaline-pinching nature. Though the art of betting has been...

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Surrey Fun Casino

Casinos have been aroud for years and years and thousands of people every year will go to chance their  hand at winning some big money! However, some peoplein Surrey do...

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Essex Fun Casino

Essex is known for its great nightlife and parties shown through various TV programs and documentaries. However, many people in Essex would much prefer to keep out of the...

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