Whether hosting a tournament at your pub, amongst friends at your home or in your university halls, in order to create that fun, adrenaline-pinching atmosphere, you need all the gear!

Here at Mobile Casino Hire, we understand what goes into organising a professional-feeling and looking tournament. And, one thing you just cannot scrimp on is the table itself! Being where all the action unfolds, your poker table needs to be high in quality and visually pleasing!

Poker table options at Mobile Casino Hire

At Mobile Casino Hire, we are a leading poker table hire brand, boasting an incredible selection of unique tables that make for amazing games of poker. From the plush felt and thick material to sturdy chips, our tables tick all the boxes.

What’s more is that they come in a variety of sizes. So, whether you are looking to start a tournament with over 100 players at an official establishment or just to have a casual game or two with 5 or so friends, we will have the best table to suit your gaming style and vision.

Other casino tables to hire

Where poker table hire is our most popular service, our casino table hire solutions do not stop there. We are also a popular supplier of roulette tables as well as blackjack tables. This means whatever gambling experience you are looking to enjoy and share with others, you can do so with top equipment.

Prices charged for casino table hire

Although our tables sit at the top end of the market when it comes to quality, our rates for hire are far from high. So, if you are thinking about enquiring , be sure to do so as early as possible. That way, you can secure the best prices possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and allow our team to talk you through the many options at hand.

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