There are few things as exciting as walking into the London casino and passing under the glittering lights, enjoying the sounds of money being won and lost, and soaking up the smells which come with the possibility of winning big this time. We’ve all heard the stories about people who have walked into the casino and put all their money on black and walked out again with the down payment for a new house.

While these stories may be urban legends, it is still fun to fantasise that this could be you and the atmosphere of the casino fuels that fantasy. That is until you make your way to the roulette or the poker tables where your betting skills excel and find there is already a full house of people betting, and they’re in your way.

When you do get a chance to play at the tables one bad bet or a bit of bad luck can have your night (and your wallet) in the gutter very quickly, not to mention how tired your feet get while holding tight to your place at the table, and the fact that you’ll lose your place if you have to use the bathroom or get a drink.

However, when you think about it, much of the excitement of the casino atmosphere can be recreated at your place and regardless of where you live in London, you can have a night at the casino in your own home. You and your friends will still get dressed up and line your pockets with 100 notes as you make your way to the casino tables you have hired at your place. You can dim the lights, create the atmosphere and put on your choice of music as you enjoy having your own private casino in your home.

There is no jostling, to waiting for a place at the table and that means you have all of that extra time to perfect your game so that maybe you can be one of those lucky people in the urban legends.

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