Poker is a game which any one of almost any age or skill level can enjoy  provided they are not playing with too many other people of a higher skill level than themselves! However, in London there are few opportunities to play poker with your mates or a group of friends and family, without risking losing your hard earned cash to another stranger who happens to be playing the same table, or worse still to the house.

Therefore, instead of risking your money and poker skills in a casino environment where you get the feeling the dealer knows all of your tells already and is purposely dealing you a bad hand, why not hire a poker table in London and play at your own pace, with your own mates.

Now we don’t mean organising a poker night to rotate around your mates places when their wives happen to be out, here we are talking about a poker night with a professional look and feel usually reserved for the London casinos, but instead is built right into your home. In hiring a poker table in London, you are also hiring everything which that involves, including all the cards, chips and professional rulings, not to mention a professional dealer too.

Hiring a poker table when it is your turn to host poker night will put your mates store bought poker games to shame. We can make sure our dealer and poker table arrive at your place in plenty of time to set up and once that is done, it will be as though your home has transformed into a private casino, and the poker table has always been right there in your living room.

Plus, you are not playing against us, or the dealer, you are only losing your money, but hopefully winning a bit back, to and from your mates so regardless of where you live in London, organise to hire a poker table from Mobile Casino Hire now.

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