Whether planning a party at the family home or a full-on corporate event with all the bells and whistles, your budget will naturally dictate everything you do. This is why as event planners, you should always be looking for thrifty ways to make your events that bit more exciting.

Having been involved in the world of event planning for so many years, it is safe to say we have one or two tricks up our sleeve on how to save money. Below, we share a few with you.

Host at home

We are seeing a huge rise in the number of Planners choosing to host events at home, with the humble house party making a vivacious comeback. As well as offering something different to your average restaurant or hotel, hosting at home is also a lot cheaper than hiring a swanky venue.

Finger food for all

When planning an event, you will feel like you need to put on a three course meal. However, that reality is that that isn’t the case, with most people remembering the drinks and entertainment a lot more than what they had to eat.

But, it is essential that you offer some sort of food. We highly recommend nibbles and finger foods!

Small bar menu

The art to being thrifty is saving money without people thinking you have cut corners. This is especially the case when it comes to planning parties and events.

This tip is focused on the all-important bar menu. By offering a small, focused menu of just a few drinks, you can save a great deal of money on stock. Our suggestions would be to have one lager, one cider, a beer, a wine and your go-to spirits; that’s it!

Affordable entertainment

Every event needs entertainment of some sort. However, private singers, musicians and the likes are rather expensive. So, why not do something different; hire a casino table maybe?

Being affordable, fun and something all guests can join in on, hosting casino tournaments at your event will go down a storm.

To learn more about the casino hire options available on your chosen dates, give us a call.

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