If you are thinking about hiring a roulette table for an upcoming get-together or do, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of tables up for grabs and generally how to arrange an unforgettable event. This is why at Mobile Casino Hire, we offer our customers a whole load of advice, helping them plan great events that don’t break the bank.

Below, we have detailed a few things you may want to think about before signing off on a roulette table hire package.


The venue you select to host your casino night will have a huge impact on the overall feel and tone of your event. Below are a few features a good venue will have:

• Good transport links
• Parking
• A bar
• Good toilet facilities
• A high hygiene rating

Size of the roulette table

When it comes to roulette tables, size does matter. This is why we offer variety of sizes to complement all sized and shaped rooms. When deciding what table you should hire, think about the amount of players you are looking to accommodate at once. Then, we can advise on suitable options for you and your guests.


Whether planning a Vegas-themed party of just hiring a roulette table for a big birthday bash, the decor of the room must complement the evening itself. So, when exploring your options, keep things like lighting, plants, props and ornaments in mind.


The budget you have set aside for your roulette table needs to be considered. Where traditionally, the more you have to spend the better the table, at Mobile Casino Hire, we are proud to work in a different manner to our competitors. Offering budget-friendly solutions as well as incredible monthly deals and promotions, we can save you a whole lot of money on mobile casino hire.

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