September is just around the corner; the month of getting back-to-it. But it can be a bit of a lull, so here’s a few reasons why you should make this month one to remember.

It’s Dark and Cold Outside

While some people love wrapping up in their winter warmers, the September chill isn’t for everyone. The mornings are getting darker and thicker jumpers are being worn. What better way to avoid the cold than to host a party? You’ll be distracted from the nippy nights as you dance the night away!

Spice up September

If you’re not celebrating your birthday then September lacks any real excitement. Four months from Christmas, Easter has been and gone, and Summer is just a memory for your Facebook photo albums. So, host an event or party to celebrate the month-of-very-little. Tie this in as a charity do to raise some money for your favourite cause!

Post-Holiday Blues

You’ve been planning your summer holiday for months. The flights are booked, the hotel looks picturesque and you can’t way to get an envious tan. Suddenly your holiday comes and goes, and by September it feels like it never happened. Beat the blues by having a party; a birthday do, a work event, or just a gathering with your nearest and dearest!

Back to Work

As you start to get back into the swing of the repetitive 9-5, there is little time to fully relax. Why not spice up the weekends and host a works do? The monotony of the office will be replaced with a buzz, the classic September slumber nowhere in sight. Trust me, your colleagues will appreciate a chance to let their hair down.

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